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A world of careers at your fingertips. A “customer foused” smartphone product.

You will be able to search for courses that interest you, at highly esteemed institutions around the world. You can apply for a course, then track to the progress of your application, find out about banking, accommodation, insurance, visas and other important facts about studying in another country.

You can also be rewarded if you join our Business Partner Referral Program.

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Services Offerred

Search for Courses

Find relevant courses in over 25 fields from Australia’s leading colleges. If the course you are looking for is not on our system. Contact our customer service manager and we will find you the course. customerservice@auswizegroup.com

Complete and send an application

This system allows you to complete a form through your smartphone and send attachments.

Track Your Application

You will have peace of mind knowing where your application has reached in the process. We update your progress at every stage.

Receive important information about living in Australia

Find out about how to open a bank account whilst still in your country, organize your health insurance, let us help you with tips regarding part time work, cv preparation, holidays etc.

Be rewarded for referring students

Refer your friends that you know will want to study and we can pay you.


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